Yards is an independent store for premium menswear founded in Manchester, UK. Yards is born from the idea to provide the men of North West England with a destination for globally sourced, carefully curated menswear. Now, the Yards selection is available internationally at www.yardsstore.com.

Founded in 2015 by two fashion buying graduates Kyle Gorman & Sam Ffoulkes, Yards reflects the desire to create a carefully curated list of brands that they have been inspired by and grown up with.

The result is a laid-back shopping experience in a UK showroom showcasing aesthetic and functional men’s clothing. Brands include EDWIN, ELVINE, GARMENT PROJECT, HAECKELS, LE COQ SPORTIF, LIBERTINE LIBERTINE, M.P. CRAFTED GARMENTS, RAINS, RASCALS DK, STIGHLORGAN, WOOD WOOD, amongst others.

Yards now translates from instore to online at www.yardsstore.com, showcasing the expanding store and brand range.


“We curate our selection of clothing from brands that suit and complement each other, each sharing the same ethos that a high quality and functional product has to come 1st before the overall design. And we pick them because we ourselves are our own consumer and we know they look good.” – Kyle Gorman, Yards co-founder

“Growing up with the brands wearing them for example Wood Wood and Edwin as a teenager trawling through sites and forums discovering new brands to wear and seeing up and coming brands evolve in to the brands that they are today. That was hard to come by and it was difficult find in retailers from the UK stocking them so we had to get them from their respected countries.” – Sam Ffoulkes, Yards co-founder

Wood Wood Yards Store

Yards’ brands have been sourced from across the globe with a strong focus on the functionality and longevity of their products rather than the quick come and go seasonal trends.

As Yards expands their buying department, searching all over the globe to ensure our store truly reflects the modern man, the founders maintain the commitment to emerging brands and their cutting-edge design, prioritizing customer satisfaction above anything else. Welcome to Yards Store.

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