THE MIRROR HAS TWO SIDES - From Monroe to Warhol and back again

- Painting collage silkscreen by Tommy Dollar -
- Photography and video installation in collaboration with Agnieszka Dellert-Dellfina -
- Warhol photography in collaboration with Bruno Ehrs -

Vernissage: 31.01.2013, 1930h
Exhibition: 01.02. till 23.02.2013 daily from 12 -  20h
Finissage: 23.02.2013, 1930h

STUDIO Checkpoint Charlie
Mauerstraße 81 - 82
10117 Berlin

Dellert worked with, inspired, celebrated, photographed and lived through turbulent times with Basquiat, Hendrix, The Sex Pistols, Keith Haring, & Andy Warhol. The latter gave him the nickname Tommy Dollar because in mid seventies New York the young Swede could not hide his fascination with the American way of life. Then it was off to London, more precisely Chelsea. There Dellert met the protagonists of the fledgling punk movement, Malcolm McLaren, Johnny Rotten & Vivienne Westwood. After Sid Vicious almost accidentally killed him with a knife in Paris, Dellert brought punk to Sweden and opened the gallery Suicide.

Now, nothing human was alien to him any longer, the depths of being, man in revolt & the criticism of art and commerce were the topics of his multimedia works, rooted in pop art, that have been shown in over 100 exhibitions and featured in collections such as the Absolut Vodka collection, the Heinz collection or the United States Holocaust Museum.
Dellert's art is not merely a nostalgic reprise. It lives and breathes in the now, without any tiresome attempts to protect a legacy. Dellert who is now almost sixty has constantly reinvented himself yet held his ground despite time and change. The latest reinvention of himself can be viewed and admired from the 31.01.2013 at the exhibition, "The Mirror has two sides."

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