The performative post-modern as an expression of modern austerity in the era of precariousness. Edition 1.

-Illusion H2O-

In some parts of the world people hold the belief that “information” can be stored in water. In other parts of the world water is used to obtain “information.” In the exhibition “H2O” the artists Leila Pazooki & Iman Rezai focus on the representation of water as an element of power.

Pazooki's research is devoted to the inbuilt human affinity for drops and the emotions created by them. Rezai attempts to use the torture method “water-boarding” on himself, a practise where the very same water drops can influence the nervous system in such a way as to cause choking.

The venue is an independent exhibition of five young artists in Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie. From the 29th November to the 6th December Leila Pazooki, Iman Rezai, Markus Gley, Andreas Greiner, Alessandro Rauschmann & David Kroell are displaying their works on the subjects of illusion & science, society and magic.

The exhibition, is the first in a forthcoming irregular series held in closed locations curated by Leila Pazooki, Iman Rezai and Melanie Marten.

Opening 29.11.2012 /8pm
Exhibition 30.11.2012 until 06.12.2012 /from 12pm
Unplugged concert KonstantKoma & TheDevil*sRope 01.12.2012 /8pm
Screening MBLN 02.12.2012 /4pm
Finissage 06.12.2012 /6pm

STUDIO Checkpoint Charlie
Mauerstr. 81-82 / Access through Hotel Gat Checkpoint Charlie
10117 Berlin

Photography: Vitali Gelwich