No Battery needed - Plug&Play - Made in Berlin

The POKKETMIXER is a mobile DJ mixer that everyone on their way to cult status can easily use. Developed in Berlin and patented with a currentless functional circuit it is also produced in the capital. Plug and Play makes instant music playback possible – ideally with friends who want to DJ and mix sounds from their mobile music sources (iPod, iPad, smartphone) into one another.

The mobile Mini DJ mixer weighs in at just 130g without a power supply, batteries, unnecessary multiple sockets or cables. The POKKETMIXER functions exclusively over headphone signals. Two supplied stereo cables are used to connect mobile devices or PC's with music. The sound comes out of any speakers you connect and with the use of the listen-switch the headphones can be used to pre hear and cue the incoming audio from both devices. The equaliser is great at tweaking the bass, mids and highs letting you DJ indoors and outdoors, in the park, car sharing, at a house party, on a boat, in an RV or even in the office.

The idea came to the founder Christian Komm at the end of 2009 on a road trip from Berlin to Amsterdam where the passengers were constantly fighting over who could play tunes from their MP3 player on the car radio. After the trip, the trained radio and television technician worked meticulously on a mini DJ that would allow flexibility – functioning without power. In 2010, the electronic circuit that enables audio mixing in  a DJ mixer was combined with the POKKETMIXER's new passive – powerless system, patented and the problem was solved! Together with the advertiser Robert Thomalla he built and soldered the first prototypes by hand and begun sales.  

Meanwhile, the device has become really popular not only specialist stores but also in lifestyle stores around the globe. Its now available in 7 different colours and is industrially produced in an assembly at Berlin Tempelhof. At his own store in Berlin right by the famous Konnopke's currywurst stand there are even more colour options and you can exchange the control knobs for black, gold or silver metallic variations. The first limited designs were used among other things for the filming of Kaminer's film “Russendisko”.

You can buy the POKKETMIXER online at www.pokketmixer.com.  And if you check out the store in Prenzlauer Berg there's always a chance to bump into one of the founders:

POKKETMIXER Flagship-Store
Schönhauser Allee 44a /U2 Eberswalder Str.
10435 Berlin
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 1-7pm
Saturday 11am - 5pm

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