Podcast Übermorgen - A glimpse of the future.

Philosophical back and forth with Abbas Saberi and Willy Kramer is now available as downloadable audio straight from the Podcast shelf: Podcast Übermorgen is the the new German language talk show about social issues including feature-length future prophecies from the fields of science, technology, economics, ecology, education and to space and beyond...in the hyper-futurism edition.

Even if we disregard all the overblown conspiracy theories the approaching near future will still not be so easy to stomach. The cashier at the supermarket will be replaced by a machine. Doctors will probably be legally required to diagnose our insomnia with the help of robot assistants. Yet mankind is still persistently aiming to create the perfect consumer. Homo Consumicos perhaps...Topics this fascinating can also be scary and it's in these moments that Ricardo Hapke's phenomenal record collection comes to the rescue. Always ready to dish out the best music out of the walled-in GDR from the 60s to the 80s and brighten the mood if things get a little too apocalyptic. Some great tunes and a flash of good old German songs quickly bring the attention back to the peaceful thought that at least Katarina Witt still has a job, as a motivational coach for managers. So exciting, all the stuff that's going on in the world! And yes, it's not all serious! The experienced Berlin comedians Abbas Saberi and Willy Kramer present the evening with a tonne of laughs, after all, the whole thing is going out live. You can attend the live shows every 4th Thursday of the month at Trust Club Berlin at 21:00. But please be punctual beloved consumers! For those who want to come prepared or simply find out what's in store, there's the recordings you can check out at www.podcastubermorgen.com.

Every 4th Thursday of the month Starting 23rd April 2015 21:00 Trust Club Berlin Neue Promenade 10 /Sbhf Hackescher Markt 10178 Berlin


As a special treat the Podcast Übermorgen crew is hosting their first show in English for Startup Safary as part of the Berlin Web Week. You can catch it on the 8th May 2015 at Labo Lab in Berlin. Tickets available at: www.startupsafary.com