Frame Magazine, January 19th, 2011; Excitement and bustle where on the Bebel Platz in Berlin-Mitte at noon today – an old van dashes directly toward the catwalk tent. Hey presto, the red carpet is rolled out and one model after the other jumps out of the bus. And they do not only carry hip clothes but also stylish eyewear. Made of cardboard! We are in the middle of the Pappbrilles creators Cante and Marcs’ Fashion Week Flashmob. For Axel and me the excitement started a few hours earlier. We followed up the invitation of the Pappbrille-boys to document the preparations of their latest coup. Starting in the early morning, models are made up and styled in the Pappbrille-headquarters in Kreuzberg. We watch the preparations and graphic designer Cante shows us the latest Pappbrille glasses. On the occasion held in Fashion Week, there is a special edition with the Berlin bear plus a collaboration with designer Ricardo Ramos. The models in Ramos’ show "Fashion in Motion" wear exclusive Pappbrille-designs. Besides a whole army of stylists, a TV crew is buzzing around as well. In the next room, the models, including one familiar face from Germany's Next Top Model, are accoutered by the label JULICE EN RÊVE. The atmosphere is relaxed; everybody knows the motto: fun. The team works free of charge and is part of the Pappbrille-enviroment. Cante and Marc want to show with their flashmob on Bebelplatz that Pappbrille glasses should be taken seriously. "We are fashion and the Pappbrille is actually an accessory," Marc explains in an interview with Axel. Each model gets their own glasses, they are sworn to the agenda of the event - we leave in the direction of Bebel Platz shortly before 2 pm. Then everything happens very quickly, even the security people are surprised - they start to intervene when everything is almost over. One model after the other jumps out of the Pappbrille-bus and happily walks down the red carpet. Cante is the animator with his megaphone; Marc and his portable CD player get the vibe going. Visitors of the Fashion Week and passers-by stop, flabbergasted, laugh and watch the whole show. The flashmob works perfectly! Less than ten minutes later, the whole event is already over. All pose for a group photo, the Pappbrille-team quickly answers any questions by the press and then everybody is gone. In the afternoon, Cante shows himself satisfied in an interview “The mood has won. It was a typical Berliner action and a complete success.“

PAPPBRILLE inventor Cantemir Gheorghiu and the reporter of FRAME Magazine: