In 2010, Cantemir Gheorghiu invented paper glasses or as he likes to call them - Pappbrille (German for 'paper glasses'). A charicatured gag on society consisting of a pair of glasses without lenses in them that still manage to stay on your face if you're jumping at a festival thanks to their patented nose wings. Pappbrille sold successfully internationally as an affordable fashion product for the masses and with embedded corporate logo and slogan prints also became a great promotional tool for businesses.

From this alleged “one-hit wonder“ in early 2012 the company PAPP UP, through which Gheorghiu offers a range of products created from paper, emerged. Among them the PAPP bow tie, PAPP ties, PAPP purses...

2013 went back to the roots: Cantemir Gheorghiu started his latest coup, the PAPP UV. It is a return to the realignment of glasses as we know them. PAPP UV sunglasses are made of hard fibers, a mixture of wood and paper - the former, more familiar model has been entirely reinvented.

The composition made of hard fiber is robust, does not break and is also light. The ends of the brackets are fitted with aluminum sheet so that the wearer can adjust them to their head shape with some simple bending. The shapes are striking and with paintcoats in expressive colours like red, black and dark yellow the glasses come across as avant-garde works of art.

A high level of UV protection comes as standard. A polarisation filter blocks specific light frequencies preventing them from entering the eye. This also stops reflections and leaves the cornea optimally protected.

The product also has new advantages over more familiar models: PAPP UV are flat and require no elaboarate eyewear casing. They can be easily tucked into a book allowing easy storage and transportation.

As a continuation of Pappbrille, the contemporary frames of PAPP UV are also handmade in Berlin. The various styles of PAPP UV are now available from 35 € in stores worldwide. Learn more at

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