[paper.] launches minimalist backpack [square.] at Kickstarter

[paper.] launches minimalist backpack [square.] at Kickstarter

The new brand [paper.] from Berlin kicks off pre-orders for the minimalistic backpack [square.] at Kickstarter

[square.] comes in rectangular and minimalist shape from the heart of Berlin. [square.] is the first backpack from [paper.], made for city nomads. The statement: away from outdoor feeling and wanderlust, on to straight lines.

[paper.] uses the innovative material Vin that is a compound of cellulose and latex and a vegan alternative to leather. The material makes backpack [square.] washable and water-repellent. The strapes are made from hemp.


about [paper.]

German siblings Katharina and Sebastian and Dutch friend Bernd found the brand [paper.] in Berlin to create true sustainable fashion from innovative materials and timeless, functional designs. For all designs no-waste patterns are used to reduce the waste to a minimum during production.

[paper.] at KICKSTARTER: bit.ly/paper-berlin

Press info and photo material to download at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3kZjHg4keunNlBrUHNSNHpWM28?usp=sharing

More at www.paper-berlin.com