momenzzGLOBE launch on Indiegogo

Now there’s a better way to stay in touch

Today, luxury design veterans Daniel Bösch and Patrick Sutterlüty launch an unprecedented product that seeks to combine the vast possibilities of digital technology with the time-worn intimacy of giving and receiving beautiful, meaningful gifts.

momenzzGLOBE is a stunning, premium-quality ornamental sphere with a Swarovski crystal heart at its centre. It’s a beautiful design object in its own right, crafted in a specialist atelier from a concrete base with a rose-gold plated metal inlay that encircles the globe like a ring.

momenzzGLOBE uses cutting-edge technology to enable users to stay connected through the power of touch. With the customisable momenzz app for smartphone or watch, users can trigger a display of lights or even send their own heartbeat to the GLOBE’s owner. Illuminate any nightstand, desk or coffee table and surprise and delight those you love.

“Our main motivation has been to question existing methods of communication,” says Daniel, co-founder at momenzz. “We were looking for something more meaningful, more relevant, more personal – not packed into an everyday device like a smartphone, but into a beautifully crafted design object.”

Unlike a piece of jewelry or any other traditional gift object, the momenzzGLOBE is a one-of-a-kind gift that will continue creating real connections, time and again. And now, the product is ready to be brought to the world.

momenzzGLOBE is available right now at Indiegogo, prices from $110.