Get teleported straight to London at the height of the swinging sixties with the glowing colours of the new MINGA BERLIN sock collection. In this Mod Revival, orange and signal red, cyan and dark blue are the strong colours ruling the allover-blackandwhite. The era's obsession with graphic design collides perfectly with MINGA BERLIN's 21st century patterns. These classic colourful squares and diamonds could be donned not only by Austin Powers in his velvet suit but also grace a black and white mini skirted Twiggy. The vibrantly coloured footwear radiates good vibes and captures the spirit of days gone by when Mick Jagger was still a handsome young man and jumped around on stage without crutches.

You can let this carefree mood infect you without any unnecessary guilt trips because MINGA BERLIN's modern high quality and sustainability have all been preserved in the time travel process. All the socks are manufactured in Europe under strict quality, social and environmental standards from certified organic Mako cotton. The new collection is knitted with finest 40/2 double yarn for perfect comfort and durability. Unisex styles come in three different sizes from 35 to size 46.

Photo: Vitali Gelwich

See our Corporate Publishing project for MINGA BERLIN's new collection, the MINGA BERLIN newspaper:

MINGA BERLIN Newspaper 06 2014