Startups – Legal matters!

You’ve started your business and are ready to fly high, but are overwhelmed by the legal pitfalls that await you?

Berlin PR agency The Coup presents legal office hours during Startup Safary Berlin in collaboration with the law firm Wetzel, Since 2010, The Coup is working in the creative industries and startup scene of Berlin. For a kick-ass PR start, there are always legal hurdles that need to be overcome. These office hours help you to circumnavigate your way through those shallow waters. Not only will you gain an (legal) overview of the most costly and common mistakes made when starting a new business, but you will grasp an understanding on the research and security of the name chosen to develop your brand, trademark rights, data protection issues and building an internet presence.

Contractual issues, whether internally with service providers or partner companies, can often prohibit your companies potential, creating unnecessary follow-up costs and litigation errors. Get the support you deserve from the beginning!

Compliance § Privacy § Social Media § E-Commerce § Networking § Multichannel-Marketing

Workshop is scheduled throughout Startup Safary Berlin at 30th October 2015, 5pm. Tickets are available now, see