LAKENLAND luxury organic bedding launches on Kickstarter

LAKENLAND luxury organic bedding launches on Kickstarter

This Kickstarter Campaign Makes Luxury Organic Bedding at Affordable Prices

The Organic Cotton Bedding by Lakenland is available now for pre-orders on Kickstarter. Production kicks off when pre-orders reach € 26,000.

Organic cotton bedding is great. It’s softer and more comfortable than your regular cotton bedding. It’s also more durable, breathable, and better for the environment.

It’s also hugely overpriced.

In traditional retail, organic bedding is marked up at least 10x by the time it reaches the consumer. The costs are associated with wholesaling, storefronts and designer licensing but have no bearing on the actual quality. Thread counts advertised in excess of 400 are often misrepresented by manufacturers in order to trick customers – so they can tack on even more markup.

And once a product is called “organic”, the price increases again.

The founder couple Pierre Steyn and Shalaine Steyn Schamrel from Salzburg, Austria, have dedicated themselves to the production and distribution of pure and comfortable bed linen made of natural materials. Lakenland is a fully-transparent choice in the development, manufacturing and distribution process.


The Lakenland Bedding Set


Lakenland Bedding is made from 100% organic Fair-Trade cotton using a percale weave. The result is a matte finish with a cool, crisp feel.

A true 300 thread count of single-ply yarn offers the best balance of softness, breathability and durability. It also happens to be the go-to weave of many luxury hotels around the world.


Lakenland Bedding has no unnecessary patterns or detailing and comes in only 1 colour - Arctic White. It is the simplest, most comfortable bedding design, using the best natural materials. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Direct Distribution

Lakenland keeps costs low by working with certified manufacturers directly. The distribution is online only and each set is delivered to the customer’s door directly. This way Lakenland is able to deliver premium quality at affordable pricing.

The Kickstarter Campaign

The Kickstarter campaign is has been online since 26th May 2017 and aims to cover the initial manufacturing costs by taking pre-orders for shipping within the European Union. The goal is to reach the minimum production valuefunding goal of €26,000 to kick-off the production until the campaign’s end on Sunday, 25th June 2017

“You shouldn't have to pay for things you're not getting. And we all deserve a good night’s sleep. With our Kickstarter campaign, we’re excited to see who shares our vision, and look forward to bringing organic cotton goodness to beds around the the European Union.” - Pierre und and Shalaine

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