KACOSTA Urban Premium Clothing

With the debut collection, the label KACOSTA deals with the theme of Coincidence. The collection encounters; release from intentionality, reason, purpose, sovereignty and overthinking.

“If you know exactly what you’re going to do, what’s the good in doing it?” - Pablo Picasso

Does coincidence exist? The sources of inspiration can be found in the history of art, from complete rejection to a programmatic exaggeration of its importance. Max Ernst first coined the term liberating procedures using it to describe artistic techniques in which chance and coincidence played an important role in allowing creation to flow without first “detouring through the mind”. Susceptibility to events that had just taken place also greatly influenced the work of Marcel Duchamp. Gerhard Richter also describes coincidence as “a means to get at something more interesting that can currently be thought”

„Design strategies that aim at a previously defined, meticulously planned product have never attracted me as a designer. I have always been fascinated by unpredictability, the unplannable and surprising myself.“ - Katharina Costa, head designer

When finalising her cuts in her “experiment with chance”, Katharina Costa chose a method previously used by avant-garde designer Gunnar Aagaard Andersen in the 1960s: developing forms on the torso with expanding foam, a material that stretches without restriction. The resulting forms are not pieces in themselves but form the backbone for further development. From this point on coincidence plays only a subordinate role: something concrete is created from something random and although its creation has nothing in common with the absence of intention or arbitrariness, it is nevertheless unpredictable.

KACOSTA will debut at Fashion Week Berlin in January 2017.

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KACOSTA founders Katharina Costa and Sandra Nennecke

KACOSTA founders Katharina Costa and Sandra Nennecke