Jaspr launches cash-free trading app

Jaspr launches cash-free trading app

Jaspr, www.jasprtrades.com, is making their cash-free trading platform available to the public on iOS and Android. With several hundred early access users already trading everything from bike repair services to PlayStations, the Jaspr team is betting on Berlin as ground-zero for the most advanced barter platform to date.

Founded by three former colleagues from language startup Babbel, Berlin-based Jaspr is the latest addition to the sharing economy: an online platform that uses powerful but intuitive technology to match users with their perfect trading partner based on their haves and wants.

Until now, access to the app has been limited to the supporters of the team’s successful Kickstarter campaign, which ended in February 2017. With hundreds of backers pledging in exchange for  early access to the platform, a wide variety of goods and services are already trading on the app. The Kickstarter raised funds for the next step in Jaspr’s development: the upcoming launch of a web platform, which will be added to the existing mobile apps later this year.

CEO Noel Wigdor said: “The response so far has been fantastic. We’ve seen trades for bike repair, home cooked meals, video games, dog sitting, books, and much more. There’s a clear demand for a good-natured alternative to the cash economy.”

Gesa (28, Friedrichshain), a Kickstarter backer and early user of the app, says: “Jaspr is more than just trading goods for goods. It’s about getting to know people in your city who think the same way. I for example had someone to fix my Mac for a homemade dinner, traded a kitchen scale for home made brownies and translated something from English to German for kitchen stuff”

Based on feedback from their Kickstarter supporters, the Jaspr team has now rolled out several new features for the app:

• An “Explore” section where users can see a feed of all nearby items as they are added

• A “Matches” section where only items that match the user’s interests are visible

• A function for favoriting or liking items
Jaspr app


About Jaspr

Founded in 2016, Jaspr Trades is a Berlin-based cash-free trading platform co-founded by CEO Noel Wigdor, CTO Tobias Ottenweller, and Head of Product and Design Steve Duncan. Since launching in private beta on iOS in December 2016, the platform has been used for trades including phones for translation services, dog sitting for singing lessons, and photography workshops for accounting help. The team has secured funding via the EXIST government grant in Germany, taken part in the prestigious MassChallenge accelerator in Switzerland, moved into their new office in Kreuzberg to house their growing team of six and successfully raised 10.000€ on Kickstarter.