“What needs to be done, must be done, even if it hurts“ says the artist Iman Rezai. With his performance “Waterboarding“ as part of the exhibition, “The performative postmodern - Illusion H2O“.

Rezai is ready to show that art really can be painful even growing into outright torture. Since last Thursday volunteers can be subjected to the procedure in a rack specially created by him - to find out for themselves whether it should be judged as a painful experience or merely a harmless shower.

But the aspect of pain as an inherent experience of art is only one aspect the artist pursues with his installation. The still current discussion about the subtle methods of "No-Touch-Torture" plays a crucial role in his pursuit of artistic expression. “Torture begins from the moment where other people have power over you. I know the work is provocative for many and for others it's not even art. What do they know about art? Painting sugar or tasting it are two different worlds.“

Iman Rezai has already announced that the conditions for waterboarding at the Finnisage will resemble reality even more closely. Whilst the recent "victims" had to fight with the sensation of drowning for six seconds before Rezai immediately terminated the experiment they will now have to endure an extra six seconds. The reason: in reality, that is where the real torture begins.

In his self test Iman Rezai wants to triple the duration of the torture, enduring the waterboarding for 18 seconds.

Finnisage 06.12.2012 /6pm
STUDIO Checkpoint Charlie
Mauerstraße 81 - 82
10117 Berlin