“I create the world around me as I like it: paper-like!“ is the motto of the founder of I-like-paper.com, Marc Aurel Hartung. From September on, this website will make all paper dreams come true. Originating from the Pappwatch, which introduced highly sought-after digital, colourful paper watches in an 80's design, an entire collection of paper products has now sprung. Paper and cardboard lovers can now buy everything from useful accessories such as protective Pappcases for iPhones/iPads & Pappwallets to interior decorations like the Papplight, even beautiful adornments like the Paper Collier. All of these and more are now available at the online platform I-like-paper.com. There is only one paper product which has been deliberately given a miss: the paper cup.

The renaissance of paper was almost natural when twinned with an innovative and ecological new material. The stuff of which paperlover dreams are made of, and its called Tyvek. It is the ultimate upgrade for paper. A recyclable material with similar properties that also demonstrates tear resistance, durability and is water proof whilst maintaining a low weight.

Perfect for colourful design objects on the arm, around the neck, in the pocket or in the office. Design and functionality are the core of the Berlin based Pappproduction. Therefore I-like-paper products are not available in boring plain uni-colours.

Instead all products are designed exclusively by selected international artists. The colourful superhero on the dollar notes in “Justice League“ by artist Aslan Malik is just one example of the many featured artists in the I-like-paper world. The founder Marc Aurel Hartung is a qualified communications designer and since 2010 he has devoted himself totally to the fibrous organic material.

Besides his passion for paper products, he also places a high value on sustainable production and reaction to demand. This means that not only are all products recyclable but also that every single product is produced only on request. This way resource waste is avoided and storage space at the Berlin office on the border of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg is spared. Marc shares his office at the Hotel Michelberger together with the creative agency The Coup encouraging inspired encounters and new product ideas during lunch breaks. There are still loads of ideas hovering in his head about things he can make out of paper. Cardboard and paper lovers watch out!

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