“Jilet Ayse“ is the fictional character portrayed by comedian Idil Baydar. This Berlin Babe is the ultimate ghetto girl who challenges all stereotypes related to Turkish-German clashes between Döner Kebabs or Schnitzels!

Jilet is a reflection of a large German youth subculture known as "Kanacke" -  a community often residing in deprived city outskirts owning their own dress sense, music, language and values. A lot of these youths are of Turkish descent, due to the large number of Turkish immigrants arriving in Germany in the 1950's. Originally Turkish herself, actress Idil Baydar takes on the role of these teenage misfits in its most pure authentic form.

“Do not overplay your role!“ Jilet Ayse accosts in her deep city accent clothed in her Adidas Tracksuit ensemble (Adidas: The Louis Vuitton of the streets of Berlin) from head to shell toe in her debut video “Ich Bin sooo Sauer!!!“ (German for: “I am suuuuper angry!!!“). The video was an instant hit, reaching over 1 Million views. You can view the video here:

The actress gains inspiration directly from the local children of the inner streets of Berlin, and when she is Idil Baydar, she gives private workshops to kids in local youth centres. Under the name Jilet Ayse, she performs in juvenile prisons.

Perhaps teens spread Jilet Ayse's videos so rapidly because she speaks their language, and they can finally identify with someone. Perhaps adults on the other side appreciate Jilet Ayse's efforts in blurring a communication barrier between different social groups, giving a different light to subculture often regarded quite negatively.

The fact is, her videos are a reflection of a group of youths who make up a significant number in our society here in Germany and who have something to say - Jilet Ayse helps give them a voice.

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