CapOOi takes all sorts of carpets of any origin and transforms them with your desired colours. At the new retail store in Berlin Mitte you can find a selection of oriental carpets that have previously lived in all corners of the globe. After CapOOi has infused the carpets in rich colours the personalised vintage-objects are ready for their new homes. You can also bring your very own surplus rugs or even connoisseur pieces and give them a new CapOOi coloured life.

The founder, Peter Kaiser came up with CapOOi ten years ago. At the time a potential buyer of his car had insisted on part payment with a Persian rug. Kaiser refused at first after which he was invited to dinner with the family of the prospective buyers. In the house Peter met over 30 family members and an even larger selection of hand knotted oriental rugs. In conclusion, courtesy won and the Coupé was exchanged for a carpet. The item in question – a Sarouk – finally became the emperor's favourite part of the fire place and with its ever accumulating small burns and tears, a very personal piece of home.

After moving to Berlin in 2012 the marketer was searching for something new for his favourite piece and discovered a manufacturing process during his research that allowed the entire surface of the rug to be coloured pink. The carpet was repeatedly washed, bleached and ribbon painted for even colouring. He spontaneously entered into a partnership with the production facility and began CapOOi colouring rugs that he had purchased at German ports into a variety of fun colours.

Peter Kaiser opened his shop at Torstraße 145 in Berlin Mitte right at the start of the cold season. The capacity for radical creativity will of course be appropriately celebrated in a befitting birthday bash. On Thursday November 7th CapOOi invites the public from 6pm on to the Opening.

CapOOi Torstraße 145 /Rosenthaler Platz 10119 Berlin

Photo: Peter Kaiser, founder of CapOOi, by Kristoffer Schwetje