Wash & Observe: The Dixicuzzi is the world's most crazy hot tub

In Berlin, art can easily be found on the toilet. A recent highlight of the Berlin club and gallery scene being the conversion of regular portaloos into the mobile party and wellness sensation, the Dixicuzzi. Here, the artist Daniel Chluba fuses two green construction site toilets with 2000 litres of steaming hot water and a bucketload of fizz, foam and bubbly delivering them to swarms of night art collectors and enthusiasts. Chluba invites you to paddle along to his exclusive homemade bathperformance where he'll be donning his favourite red swimsuit (the artist wears only red clothes since the age of 14) in a nightclub near you. With decent continuous flow water heaters and a plentiful supply of fur hats the spa is also available for use in winter.

When the Dixicuzzi is not in use the toilet is transformed into the mobile gallery Dixiland. The interior is refitted to house a gallery space. The mobile exhibition alternative has been touring the capital since 2011 and can also be visited in the rest of Germany,

For the flight simulation Roman Signer Superstar (2012) Chluba undertook a hasty transformation in a city toilet. He enters the lavatory and emerges as a red clothed superhero.

With a special beamer and help from steam emissions from two fire extinguishers Daniel acheives the illusion of flight. His mother told him once that, “True heroes must constantly transform other wise they are merely self-promoters“.

As a champion of justice he later founded an initiative supporting the mass boycott of the major art exhibition DOCUMENTA,

Chluba digs a hole and randomly finds three toilets.

“I hate ideas!“ Is the central ideology of the artist. “For my next project, I would like to put a cream hat on Angela Merkel“, he adds.

In one discussion with Adam Szymczyk in the Dixicuzzi about the current art market he says: “My generation steals ideas from everywhere to make easy money on the new art market which has gone completely insane“ Adding that, “Ideas exist solely to make money on the art market!” All of Daniel Chluba's activities are also available in bronze.

About red Daniel: Born in 1985 in Berlin, 2005-2011 Art studies at the University of Arts in Berlin in the class of Christiane Möbus and in 2009 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in the class of Monica Bonvicini, 2012 Master Student of the University of Arts in Berlin, lives and works in Berlin. 04/2015 04/2015 04/2015