ACPAD – Electronic Orchestra for your guitar

ACPAD – Electronic Orchestra for your guitar

ACPAD - Electronic Orchestra for your guitar - available now

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the latest music industry innovation is now available worldwide.

ACPAD closes the gap between acoustic and electronic music with its innovative musical hardware. ACPAD combines universal midi controller technology and connects it with an acoustic guitar. The interface allows the user to create an endless range of electronic sounds and delivers the performance of a band and a studio via an acoustic instrument. The entire setup is wireless and optimised for live performances. The ACPAD Instruments GmbH team and its inventor and talented musician, Robin Sukroso collected almost €300,000 from Kickstarter pre-orders before the end of 2015. From today the ACPAD will be available for purchase and available for delivery worldwide.

Musicians constantly try to push the limits of their craft by looking for ways to create truly unique musical performances and many are turning to technology for this purpose. However, when trying to incorporate sequencers, drum machines, synthesizers, digital samplers or other pieces of music tech, artists often deal with complex and expensive technical setups. Musicians invest in loop pedals, effects and samplers to drag them to performances and rehearsals. Often, these tools are operated with the feet or with controls that no longer resemble the original instrument. ACPAD combines this hardware and its accompanying instruments and packs them directly onto your guitar. ACPAD Instruments are the first company to develop and patent this technology.

MIDI controllers paired with powerful music software can concentrate all of these features in compact devices using MIDI technology, but they tend to take the place of their analog counterparts. ACPAD bridges the gap between electronic and acoustic music by placing the convenience and power of a MIDI controller directly on the surface of an acoustic guitar.

After three years in development, Robin Sukroso and his co-founders Amaldev V, Deepak Malani and Avi J Iver, who he entrusted with his design challenge during a visit to the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai released the first video of ACPAD in action in June 2015 to massive acclaim. Within three days the campaign had over 10,000 email subscribers, 100 million views on Facebook and over 1 million clicks.

The Debut ACPAD video on YouTube:

In October 2015 ACPAD launched their Kickstarter campaign and it helped them get off to a flying start. The funding goal for first production was reached within an hour. By the end of the campaign, pre-orders worth €300,000 were placed (over six times the original planned funding amount).

More about the Kickstarter campaign:

After a further year in development production is now over and from today the ACPAD will be deliverable worldwide.

The music software Ableton Live Lite comes included and the first official ACPAD music software will be made available to the ACPAD community soon.

ACPAD is still available for pre-order conditions only for the next 200 orders at! Grab yours now, since pricing will go to regular after the 200 pieces are sold.

This innovation in music technology comes in an ultra slim hardware package featuring a state-of-the-art design and can be attached to any acoustic guitar. Ainfinite variety of electronic sounds can be combined and explored. Guitarists can finally take advantage of the universality of MIDI to play hundreds of virtual instruments, record live loops, create their own samples and even control other MIDI devices without ever taking their hands off the guitar. With its residue-free polymer mat, the ACPAD can be attached and removed from the guitar easily and securely.

ACPAD features 8 pressure sensitive pads to play sounds and effects, 25 presets to save and quickly access instruments and samples, 2 looper channels to live-record loops on the go, and 2 touch faders to modulate sounds and effects. The device was tested extensively with guitar players to develop both an ergonomic and intuitive layout. The artist Rico Loop, the “Godfather of Looping” and Tobias Rauscher for percussive guitar playing and his 100k followers helped develop the input system for the ACPAD.

The challenge was to guarantee almost non-existent latency and ACPAD successfully achieves this via ultra fast communication with its pressure sensitive pads. ACPAD uses high end technology to deliver professional features and performance in such an ultra slim design.

The concept was based on the needs of the inventor and musician Robin Sukroso and aims to meet the needs of all levels of guitar player equally, from amateurs to experts. Musicians can use ACPAD with Ableton Live or Cubase as it is compatible with any digital audio workstation (DAW).

For added portability, ACPAD can also be paired with smartphones or tablets. ACPAD Instruments GmbH is currently developing its own music software which will be able to exploit the potential of ACPAD fully. Guitarists will be empowered to comprehensively use their skills in new genres combining both analogue and digital sounds – spontaneously, intuitively and on stage. Rarely has music software offered such exciting performance opportunities. ACPAD and all its innovations are sure to guarantee lively discussions in the newly created community.

About ACPAD - World's First Wirless MIDI Controller for Acoustic Guitar

ACPAD is a music tech innovation that uses universal MIDI controller technology to bridge the gap between acoustic and electronic music. The hardware comes in an ultra slim, light design and offers intuitive controls. It offers an endless range of possibilities for musicians to add electronic sounds to their performance: instrumentals, sequencers, drum computers, synthesizers, digital samplers can now be controlled easily directly from the guitar. ACPAD was created by the percussionist Robin Sukroso in 2011 together with Amaldev V, Deepak Malani and Avi J Iver. In 2015, ACPAD launched a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in which the target amount was collected within one hour.