The German culture-clash comedy 3 TÜRKEN & EIN BABY #3T1B is celebrating its Berlin premiere on the 19th January 2015. The Premiere party, attended by the leading actors EKO FRESH, KOSTJA ULLMANN & KIDA RAMADAN is taking place at The Grand club Berlin.

About the film:

Comin' at you from the craziest flat-share in all of Frankfurt city: Though they're all adults, the three German-Turkish brothers Celal (KOSTJA ÜLLMANN), Sami (KIDA KHODR RAMADAN) and Mesut (EKREM BORA aka EKO FRESH) still haven't managed to move out of their parent's flat. During the day they take care of their bridal fashion store inherited from their parents. To make matters worse, the landlord is threatening them with eviction if they don't come up with the cash.

Stupidly, Celal gambles away the last chunk of their inheritance and desperately scrambles to raise money. This all becomes a lot more difficult when he has to unexpectedly look after the sweet baby child of his ex-girlfriend Anna who's landed in hospital following an accident. His brothers aren't really helpful either with none of them having a the faintest idea about changing diapers or feeding infants between the three of them. Celal, Sami and Mesut urgently need a brilliant plan. Otherwise, their lives will rapidly spiral out of control... The director Sinan Akkuş („Evet, ich will“) is back with his new gorgeously crazy culture-clash comedy: the impressive cast features heartthrob Kostja Üllmann („Coming In“), Kida Khodr Ramadan („Ummah – Unter Freunden“)and German rap star Ekrem Bora aka Eko Fresh in his first leading role about three fun hunting German-Turkish brothers who simply refuse to grow up from one gag to the next! Guest stars Christoph Maria Herbst („Stromberg – Der Film“), Axel Stein („Nicht mein Tag“) and the YouTube stars Joyce Ilg, Hans Sarpei and Simon Desue join the ride for an extra dose of speed, excitement and romance.


Cinema Release 22nd January 2015 Premiere party: 19th January 2015 10pm The Grand - Hirtenstraße 4 - 10178 Berlin DJs Beathovenz & Ozzy Brown & Harris